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О бренде Merinos

О бренде Merinos

The foundations of MERINOS have been laid in 1970 under the leadership of Mehmet Erdemoğlu with two rug handlooms. Today MERINOS is the world number one in the area rug sector. We have achieved this success with our employees, suppliers, dealers and all our people on behalf of our country. This success has been a source of pride for our country.

This success of Merinos is not limited to its own company. We have made our province of Gaziantep and also our country the center of area rug in the world with unity and cooperation of all our colleagues. I would like to demonstrate some figures. 25% of the total area rug production of the world is realized in Gaziantep. As Turkey we are producing %30 of the total. Gaziantep carpet exports in 2010 will be $1,000,000,000 (one billion). We and all of our colleagues believe that this figure will be over $3,000,000,000 (three billion) within the next 5 years.

Merinos company has undertaken the task to serve as a school. There are many employees, trained by us and working in several companies in Gaziantep, and they continue contributing to our city’s becoming the world center of area rugs.

Merinos Company does not only operate in carpet sector. We entered the furniture sector 6 years ago and have been continuing to grow rapidly in this sector. We believe that, together with our colleagues, we will achieve the same success we have demonstrated in the area rug sector in the furniture sector as well.

In addition, 5 years ago, our company took over Dinarsu Company from Dinçkök Group and has become the leader of Turkey in the area of wall-to-wall carpet as well, and has been advancing with perseverance and determination in order to have a say in the world.

Our company made the blanket and home textile investment as 50% - 50% partnership in Usak province 2 years ago. With this investment, we are in a position to realize 35% of the blanket production of Turkey in our own facility. Our investments and growth have been continuing for this company as well.

Moreover, our company established a large carpet production facility in Rostov province in Russia 2 years ago. Our new investments have been continuing and now, we have Russia’s largest carpet facility.
We also wish to establish a production facility in China in 2012.
There are 15 companies under our group. We have gathered these companies under the roof of a holding. Our company has been operating under the name of ERDEMOĞLU HOLDING.
Today, 4,400 people are employed in our companies. I would like to share the success we have achieved with our fellow workers with you:

In 2010, the total turnover of our companies will be around 1,150,000,000 TL (one billion one hundred and fifty million).

In 2010, total export of our companies will be $130,000,000 (one hundred and thirty million) As a result of our intensive efforts and works, we have achieved a growth of 35% in 2010.

What has brought success to our company in this journey that started with two rug handlooms in 1970 are the values and philosophy of MERINOS. The founder of the values and philosophy of Merinos is our father, Mehmet Erdemoğlu.

+7 (495) 215-04-50
Москва, Открытое шоссе, 5Д, стр. 1, офис 4